• Domain Name
• Hosting 25 MB
• 10 Email Accounts
• Admin C Panel 9-2
• CGI Support
• 7 Pages Development
• up to 40 Prod. Images
• Domain Name
• Hosting 25 MB
• 10 Email Accounts
• 20 Second Flash Intro
• 12 Pages Development
• up to 60 Prod. Images
• Domain Name
• Hosting 50 MB

• E-Commerce Solution
• Merchant Account
• Shoping Cart

How dose it Work?
At its easiest, you simply enter your categories/products/services and packages details into database through your admin website. That will appear on your website’s front end (For end user/your customers). When buyers click on the links/shopping cart, they are transferred to secure environment to purchase the products from Your website. Customer will fill up the final check out form and other information e.g. shipping address, credit card info, after successful completion invoice will be generated and sale will be deposit in your account on the other hand copy of invoice will be emailed to the client.

Seller’s key features
- No Waiting Weeks, Get Started immediately
- No term Contracts
- No Equipments or Software Needed
- Easy to use (User friendly)
- Worldwide Availability
- 4 to 5 % charges of Sale Amount
- No Monthly Fees
- No Statement Fees
- No Leases
- Shopping Cart Compatibility
- Comprehensive Account Management
- List Products and Services, Just about Anything
- Automatic Purchase Order Notification
- Online Technical support

Buyers Key features
- Safety and security
- Thousand and thousand of items to choose from
- Fast and easy
- Privacy Buyers Information never sold
- Strict Anti Spam policy
- Buy from anywhere in the world
- Online Order Lookup
- Better Business Bureau Affiliated
- Visa, Master, American Express and Discover Acceptance


Starting from scratch, in order to select the best online merchant account for your needs, you need to get the grips with the basics.
Questions such as "What is a third party merchant account?", "What is a chargeback?" and "How do I work the most cost effective online merchant account for my website?" can be difficult to answer at first.
The purpose of this area of the site is therefore to introduce you to the basic details you should understand when looking for a suitable online merchant account.

A merchant account allows a business to accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and other forms of payment cards. This is also widely known as payment processing or credit card processing.
Merchants, or business owners who receive credit card payment for their goods or services, must apply for a merchant account typically through a merchant account provider. The merchant account will typically be established based on several factors. Merchants who own businesses with poor or no credit may find it difficult to establish a merchant account through traditional routes.

Merchant accounts are not free - a variety of charges are involved. Some fees are charged on a monthly basis but most are charged on a per-item or percentage basis. All of the monthly fees are at the discretion of the merchant account provider but the majority of the per-item and percentage fees are passed through the merchant account provider to the issuing bank according to a schedule of rates called Interchange fees, which are set by Visa and Mastercard.


Nexternal Solutions provides web-based e-commerce software to businesses serious about online sales. The shopping cart software can be used to sell directly to consumers or to other businesses. Nexternal's e-commerce solution maximizes profit by focusing on increasing revenue and decreasing costs. Nexternal provides a shopping cart that maximizes order conversion (online orders / unique visitors) coupled with tools that increase web site traffic.

The hosted solution handles the technical infrastructure and provides the back-end management tools that enable businesses to run efficiently. Nexternal's e-commerce solution is integrated with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS. Businesses using this "shopping cart software" are able to spend more time marketing and less time troubleshooting. It is common for merchants to upgrade to Nexternal from their first or second generation shopping cart. There are many ways that Nexternal differentiates itself from basic shopping cart providers. Online merchants interested in maximizing their profit need to evaluate Nexternal's e-commerce software. A 15 day free trial of Nexternal's shopping cart software is now available.



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